Jelly Trip 1300

I came back from 1300 miles road trip.

This short film is the actual record of my trip, seriously.

The jelly fish has great talent for a film material.


THE JOEY Overdrive 1955

My April 77 is almost 2 years old, and is worn-out after all.
This is the best skinny jeans ever.

Jeans have any marks such as around knees, front, hip, and hems.
These marks are my identity!
I wanna keep wearing this jean, but I can't do that because it has two fatal damages.
One is a hole of crotch, and the other is a tear on the hip.

I should not expose my underwear, right?
Then, I got my new April 77 jean that is .........

I'll show you guys later!



Shuron Vintage Eyeglasses

This is 60s original flame by Shuron.
Shron is a glass maker of long standing since 1865, and is known as the maker of supplier US military during WW II.

This is very beautiful flame, and have an original paper case.
The design of paper case is interesting. It has a vivid color and great font design.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have lenses, so I should order my own lenses. Anyway, this is my next glasses, and I am able to have an appreciation of details of vintage eyeglasses until making lenses.


Check to Check

I got three vintage checked button down shirts yesterday. Those shirts are look great, and has no damages. I expect that three shirts were donated by same owner because these are exact same size. Neck sizes, shoulder, and length are same. These are 50s or 60s vintage shirts, and I did not waver to buy all when I saw shirts.

Nicely name! Do you think so?
This is good combination of color, and has the selvage on the edge of inner.

It has tinny checked pattern, and has the selvage too.

"Penny's Towncraft "
J.C. Penny is the famous store in the world, and we found vintage work clothing made from Penny's.
It has traditional Scottish check pattern and colors.

I love checks, and these shirts will be main clothing in this winter.


What's the next?

April 77 is my favorite jeans.

My Joey is worn-out, so I should pick next my jeans up here ASAP!!