Summer classes have started, and I took very fun class at the last term.
This is a WALLWORKS, which is three-weeks upper division art class.

I learned more creativity of art, and I could improve my skill and approach to art.
Finally, my class had the exhibition, and this exhibition is the culminating project of an intense three-week art class that challenges upper division art students to create new work within specified parameters. This year’s artwork features digital projects discussing the effects of the economic crisis, including cuts to art education and the Nevada System of Higher Education.

The concept of the show is intended to engage the audience to think about the long reaching effects of the current budget cuts. The works of art in this exhibition will be presented through the use of projected images, emphasizing light and video as a medium and the recognizing importance of site. All art works were developed in collaboration between the students and instructor of the course.

“The Chase”—This project explores the relevance of attaining economic stability during these hard times by using the extreme of homelessness to portray the desperate need for money to survive in America today.

This is the original video of my group for the exhibition.

Both videos were taken by a compact digital camera, which is Panasonic Lumix, and I edited these using finalcut pro.

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